E-book - How do we Think About Law? by Dr. László Kelemen

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Gábor Hamza: A few interesting facts on the scholarly works of Mr. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev (born in Leningrad on 14 September 1965), was elected as the President of Russian Federation in March 2008. He held a position of assistant professor at the Saint Petersburg State University’s Faculty of Law where he taught Roman law, comparative law and civil law (economic law - hoziaistvennoie pravo).

Gábor Hamza: Montesquieu in Hungary

The interest of the great philosopher, jurist, and political thinker of the French Enlightenment, Charles-Louis de Sécondat, Baron de la Brède et de Montesquieu (1689–1755), turned after having published the Lettres persanes (1721) to the study of the premises of the lives, customs and laws of different nations and ethnicities.

This article is available only in german  Allgemeines Gemeinschafts- und Gemeinschaftsprivatrecht

German-language review about Entstehung und Entwicklung der Moderne und die Privatrechtsordnungen römischrechtliche Tradition by Professor Gábor Hamza.

This article is available only in hungarian  Professor Gábor Török’s review of Dr. Ádám Boóc’s study

Dr. Boóc Ádám: International Commercial Arbitration (The appointment and disqualification of the arbitrator)

This article is available only in hungarian Lawyer Legal Community – A Conversation with Dr. Zoltán Endreffy, attorney-at-law

Hockey has become an increasingly popular sport. It becomes apparent to a lawyer who has donned a hockey-player’s attire that it is impossible to come off of the ice once one has stepped on it.

This article is available only in hungarian Dr. Kelemen László’s new book has been published

How Do We Perceive the Law? – Social Psychology Research 2010

András Földi - Gábor Hamza: History and Institutes of Roman Law

The most important Hungarian textbook on Roman law published in the last one hundred years

This article is available only in turkish Interview with Professor Dr. Gábor Hamza

The interview with Professor Dr. Gábor Hamza that appeared in the Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper.