This article is available only in french  Invitation

S.E.M. Georges Károlyi, Ambassadeur de Hongrie en France a l’honneur de vous inviter à la conférence de Monsieur Gábor Hamza, professeur de l’Université Eötvös Loránd de Budapest, membre numéraire de l’Académie des Sciences de Hongrie, intitulée

Le système constitutionnel de Hongrie dans un contexte européen – tradition et continuité,

qui aura lieu le 8 octobre (jeudi) 2015, à 16 heures dans la salle de conférence de l’Institut Hongrois de Paris (92, rue Bonaparte 75006).

La conférence de l’académicien Gábor Hamza sera introduite par S.E.M. George Károlyi. La conférence sera suivie d’une réception.

R.S.V.P. avant le 1 er octobre 2015:

This article is available only in spanish  El regreso del "Imperio Romano"

"Para ingresar a la Unión Europea, muchos países del ex bloque comunista debieron retomar su doctrina", afirmó el profesor doctor Gabor Hamza, quien desarrolló actividades académicas en nuestra Facultad.

Forgas, Kelemen, László - Social cognition and democracy: An eastern European case study

Joseph Forgas, László János and Kelemen László have written the following paper Social cognition and democracy: An eastern European case study, which was presented at 17th Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology conference. This paper was also published in Joseph P. Forgas, Klaus Fiedler, William D. Crano - Social Psychology and Politics; Psychology Press, 2015.

This article is available only in italian  Il Diritto romano nella civilistica Europea

Convegno Internazionale

Milano, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 16 E 17 Gennaio 2014

Popper Péter - The Book of Inner Paths

True to its title, Péter Popper’s The Book of Inner Paths goes beyond presenting dry psychological concepts, and sets out a path aimed at developing self-awareness, inner balance and understanding. In this theoretical work, Popper integrates many sources, creating an effective and comprehensible collection of exercises and explanation. Aiming not to cure the mentally ill, but rather to come up with a methodology that may help healthy people who “lose their way, who look at inner dissatisfaction with the need for change” or who “wish to become better acquainted with and to develop themselves” The Book of Inner Paths provides them with the tools to start “with basics and simple training-programs aimed at individual sub-functions, and move towards more complex issues such as character and personality shaping.”

Dr. Ádám Boóc - lecture

Adam Boóc delivered a lecture in the Legal Section of the Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce on the 28th of May, 2015.