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Dr. Péter Nagy's review on monograph of Ádám Boóc

A book review was published in the Journal of Hungarian Jurisprudence (6/2018, Jogtudományi Közlöny) on the monograph (The Challenge of Arbitral Awards) written by Dr. habil Ádám Boóc, PhD. attorney-at-law, associate professor. The book review was written by Dr. Péter Nagy Assistant Professor.

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Dr. Ádám Boóc's lecture

At the 30th of May, 2018 dr. habil. Adam Boóc, PhD. delivered a lecture on the legal institute of testament and legitimate portion under the new Hungarian Civil Code on a conference organised by the Legal Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences under the title of The first 5 years of the new Civil Code.

Habilitation of Dr. Ádám Boóc

Dr. Adam Booc, PhD. received his diploma on habilitation at the 30th of May, 2018 from the Senate of the Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

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Dr. Ádám Boóc's lecture

Dr. Adam Boóc, PhD. attorney-at-law delivered a lecture at the 23rd of May, 2018 in the framework of the European Expert program at the Hungarian Academy of Justice (Budapest) on the issue of Theoretical and Practical Questions of Online Contracts.

Consegna dei premi di Stato "Kossuth" e "Szechenyi" nel Parlamento d’Ungheria il 15 marzo 2018

Allocuzione del Presidente della Repubblica Janos Ader alla cerimonia di consegna dei premi di Stato "Kossuth" e "Szechenyi" in occasione della Festa Nazionale celebrata in Parlamento

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Gábor Hamza - Keine offizielle Bezeichnung

Mit großem Interesse habe ich den Artikel „Israel kritisiert polnisches Geschichtsgesetz scharf” (F.A.Z. vom 2. Februar) gelesen. Der Artikel bedarf einer Berichtigung. Die irrige Idee ist leider immer noch verbreitet, dass der Begriff bzw. die Bezeichnung „Drittes Reich” nach der Machtübernahme 1933 durch die Nationalsozialisten die offizielle, auch von der NSDAP und vom nationalsozialistischen Staatsapparat stark propagierte Bezeichnung Deutschlands sei.

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A Recent Survey on the Civilian Traditions - A New Introduction into Roman (Civil) Law Including its Subsequent Fate in Contemporary Legal Systems

Francis A. Gabor's review about András Földi & Gabor Hamza - History and Institutes of Roman Law

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